1. create a pyramid
  2. create 2 boxes
  3. put the 2 boxes on the bottom of the pyramid on opposite ends
  4. create 4 more boxes, with all 4 being relatively the same size
  5. move 2 boxes on opposite ends of the pyramid in the middle
  6. move the last 2 boxes over to different ends of the other boxes; one on the left and one on the right
  7. adjust boxes we are using for its hands in any fassion you want
  8. create a sphere
  9. move the sphere into the upper-middle of the pyramid
  10. create 2 boxes, with one being more one the flat side, and the other being smaller but thicker
  11. rotate the thicker one until it is vertical
  12. move the thicker one into the sphere
  13. move the longer, but flatter, one on top of the pyrmad body
  14. create a cylander
  15. move the cylander on top of the flat box on top of the body
  16. make all of the boxes, the cylander black
  17. and make the pyramid a shade of yellow
  18. save it, it will be the main file we will edit
  19. rotate the camera until it is sideways, then render and save it for photoshop
  20. in photoshop create a text bubble and type some words in it, save it and it is done
  21. go back in 3ds max open up the last save file
  22. rotate one of the hand cylanders
  23. create a relatively flat box, but make sure it is in a large square
  24. create 6 more boxes, make all 6 of the long
  25. move 3 of the boxes into the square, make sure that there is relatively the same amount of room inside them
  26. rotate the other 3 boxes
  27. move the last 3 boxes into the square, in the opposite way (first 3 length wise, last 3 width wise)
  28. make the 6 long boxes blak, and the square a shade of light blue
  29. render and save it
  30. in photoshop create a text bubble and type some words in; save it
  31. open 3ds max and crete something new(this will be the only time not using the creature)
  32. create 13 boxes and use them to create 618
  33. make the boxes any shade of colors except black
  34. render and save it
  35. open 3ds max, and open up the original save file again
  36. zoom in
  37. make the body and the sclera box a shade of red
  38. render and save it
  39. in photoshop create a text bubble and input text; save it
                  what my assignment was:
            to create and render a 4 koma comic with a coherent plot in 3ds max.
                  what I did for the assignment:
            using 3ds max I created a main picture, saved it, and edited it two more times, along with creating a save for another picture. after I saved them I rendered them so I could imoprt them into photoshop and add speach bubbles.
                  reflection o f the assignment:
            I am still a novice in 3ds max and this project only agreed with this fact.